Food Next Door Farm Subscription Program

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Hello everyone,

All of us at SWELL want to give a big thanks to everyone who made our Subscription Program a success! Unfortunately, this program is not currently active. Stay tune for more information. 

To learn more about our past work with the Farm Subscription Program, feel free to browse below. Check out our recipes and videos found in the drop-down box!

Food Next Door Farm Subscription Program

We, the SWELL initiative at UCCS, realized the impact of COVID-19 on our students and local community. That is why we decided to tackle food insecurity and food literacy by providing students and community members with locally-grown nutritious food. This is why we decided to create our Food Next Door (FND) Farm Subscription Program, to help fight hunger, promote healthy food access, boost food literacy, and support regional farmers and ranchers in our community.

This Program works in four-week increments and will run until December 2020. You buy a subscription for four weeks (renewable after the first four weeks) and get a weekly Food Next Door Farm Bag filled with 100% locally sourced produce, herbs, grain/flour,  beans, cheese, eggs, and meat from Southern Colorado's farmers and ranchers. Food Next Door Farm Bags will be washed at the Hybl Sports Medicine and Performance Center, and reused to support sustainability efforts.

A key ingredient of the weekly subscription program is food literacy. Every week we will pair scientific yet practical online farm and food literacy talks, with cooking baking, and our SWELL recipes and creations with the weekly foods you receive. To help students, UCCS staff, faculty, and community members have the opportunity to help support a student by paying a premium, or even covering the cost of a box for a student. 

These items will be able to be picked up at our new Hybl Sports Medicine and Performance Center at the Sports Nutrition Lab. Social distancing practices will be implemented during pickup

Food for our program is purchased from Taproot Cooperative in the San Luis Valley. Taproot Cooperative represents between 60-70 Southern and Southwestern Colorado producers, who grow fresh produce, grains, beans eggs, cheese, and meats.



Food Next Door Farm Subscription Program...What's inside?

For $100 a month ($25 a week) you will receive these items each week:

  • Grain or flour
  • Dried beans
  • 2-3 vegetables (dependent on season)
  • Fruit (dependent on seasonality)
  • Garlic bunch per month
  • Onions 
  • Herbs

You also have 3 options to purchase "Add-on's"

$25 a month ($5 a week): Local Cheese
$25 a month ($5 a week): Organic Eggs
$30 a month ($6 a week): Grass-fed/pasture-raised Meat

Students will receive discounted prices by using:

  • The promo code for the farm bag is UCCSSTUDENTBAG  (Students save $25)
  • The promo code for the eggs is UCCSSTUDENTEGGS  (Students save $5)
  • The promo code for the cheese is UCCSSTUDENTCHEESE  (Students save $5)
  • The promo code for the meat is UCCSSTUDENTMEAT  (Students save $5)

For pickup directions: click here 

To help ensure social distancing practices, please pick up items on the East side of the Hybl Center. Our Sports Nutrition Lab is located on the East side of the building and it does not require entering the Hybl Center. Signs will be posted to help guide you to the Sports Nutrition Lab.


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