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Increasing whole grains grown in Colorado is not only a great way to enhance the nutritional value of your product or menu, but it also adds new flavors and textures. At our newly developed test kitchen we assist you, your business, institution or project to make-over existing or develop new recipes with greater whole grain content using Colorado grown grains. We connect you with Colorado farmers currently growing grains so you may source some of your ingredients from Colorado. 

How it work: 

We receive your request by email, then collaborate with you in recipe design or make-over, menu integration, scaling, nutrition analysis, data on consumer acceptance, and develop supporting grain literacy and Colorado-grown grain branded marketing materials. 

If you are interested in the UCCS Test Kitchen and are a Colorado Grown Grains Co-Brand User please fill in this form to apply.

Include the following with your request:

1. idea or need (including the type of product)

2. target audience/consumer segment 

3. timeline you are looking for

4. type of business 

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This service is only available to Colorado-based food businesses and projects focused on "adding value" to products through the integration of Colorado-grown grains, including flour corn. 

For more information on Colorado-grown grains go to 

This is not a free service. Costs are based on request and business type.