Mixing the Dough!

This evening I went to the farmhouse and got the bread prepared for our sourdough workshop tomorrow! I also spent some time cracking grain for our loaf breads tomorrow as well. Similar to yesterdays post, I wanted to attach some photos of the process so that everyone was able to see!


Step 1: Mixing the bread

  • Add flour to a large mixing bowl (1 kilo)
  • Add starter to the flour (100-150g starter per kilo)
  • Add water to the bowl (75-80% hydration—750ml-800ml per kilo)
  • Add salt to the bowl (1 tbsp per kilo)







Step 2: After dough is mixed

  • After mixing, the dough should be a soft & sticky mass, place a warm wet towel over top of the bowl and put on the counter out of the way




Cracking Grain:

Cracking grain simply means placing the grain into the mill on the largest setting so that it breaks the grain apart into smaller pieces rather than milling into flour. 





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