Vegan/Vegan Athlete's Plate®

Vegetarian/Vegan Athlete's Plate®

Vegetarian Tacos


Vegetarian/Vegan Athlete's Plate®

The Athlete's Plate® are a visual tool designed to help sports dietitians working with athletes and athletes themselves adjust their nutrition to variable training loads when following a periodized training and competition plan. The Vegetarian/Vegan Athlete's Plate® is available for download below. The Athlete's Plate® is a trademark of the Regents of the University of Colorado. Please use the trademark symbol when using the Athlete's Plate®. When downloading the plates, you agree that they are used for educational purposes only. Permissions to use the plates in written publications or to adjust them to sport-specific or international applications should be directed to Nanna Meyer: Thank you!


Easy plateModerate Vegan Vegetarian APHard Vegan Vegetarian AP

To download the plates for educational purposes click the links below

Easy Vegetarian/Vegan Athlete's Plate®

Moderate Vegetarian/Vegan Athlete's Plate®

Hard Vegetarian/Vegan Athlete's Plate®

The Vegan/Vegetarian Athlete's Plate® is based on the Athlete’s Plate® and was developed by Surabhi Airi, MS with UCCS' Sport Nutrition Graduate Program in collaboration with the US Olympic Committee's (USOC) Food and Nutrition Services. You can see below how they first looked during their developing stages. We are finalizing the validation study results and will be presenting them at the 2023 Annual American College of Sports Medicine Meeting in Denver, CO.