Food Next Door at The Fork


Food Next Door at The Fork is BACK!!

SWELL is excited to be back at the Roaring Fork to provide students with new flavorful recipes and some nutrition education. Every Thursday from 5-8pm we will be serving dishes created by former and current SWELL students that will tickle your taste buds. Dishes will focus on, local, sustainable, whole grain and healthy choices. We are excited to serve you amazing tasting food and we hope you enjoy!

Here is our menu for every Thursday we are at the Roaring Fork. 

March 3rd, 2021 - Caramelized and "Farmhouse" Pizza
March 11th, 2021 - Pumpkin Sage Soup and Backyard Salad with Peach Cobbler
March 18th, 2021 - Protein Flip Burger and Salad
March 25th, 2021 - Grain Bowls and Rosemary Peach Crisp
April 1st, 2021 - Spicy Udon Noodles and Spring Greens
April 8th, 2021 - Local Vegetarian Quinoa Gratin and Grilled Seasonal Veggies
April 15th, 2021 - Quinoa Stuffed Peppers and Fresca Potato Salad
April 22nd, 2021 - Pasta with Flip Meatballs and Salad
April 29th, 2021 - Root Vegetable Chili and Sourdough Crackers with Hummus
May 6th, 2021 - Chickpea Curry and Cooked Grains
May 13th, 2021 - Tostada's with Rice and Beans

*Note dates and meals may change due to seasonality and availability.